November 5 - Germany based W

The LTF 1054-4.1 features a 35 m telescopic boom and large load capacities with both full and part ballast. It is the third truck-mounted telescopic crane in the Würzburger Kranverleih fleet.

The Volvo FMX construction site truck, acting as the chassis, has high ground clearance due to its high driver's cab. 

Company owner Ibrahim Kücükdag commented on Liebherr's truck-mounted cranes: "Our LTF cranes cover around 15,000 km every year. They are much more economical than conventional mobile cranes over long distances."

The LTF model cranes are used by Würzburger Kranverleih for jobs which require low, or even no, manoeuvrability, including erecting steelwork construction buildings, loading machines at industrial companies, and erecting prefabricated buildings.

The simplified road licenses required for the truck-mounted telescopic cranes throughout Germany, due to their low axle weights is also a major plus point, said Kücükdag. "With part ballast the LTF cranes can be licensed exactly like a normal truck."