December 21 - Wilhelmsen Ships Service is underlining its commitment to the protection of the environment by appointing a new head of environment, Thea Corwin.

Corwin, who takes up the position on 1st January 2011, will be dedicated to developing a vision, policy, strategy and related plans for the implementation of environmental safeguards throughout the organisation in relation to the marine market.

Wilhelmsen Ship Service's central management team considers the new position to be vital in its aim to develop the company's position on aspects of environmental concern. The company's range of products, services and other activities will all be under consideration regarding environmental impact.

The company says that anchoring the principles and actions of her role with the various stakeholders - management, employees, and interested parties - will be an interesting and continuous process.

Corwin says: "Everyone has an opinion about environmental challenges in our business and I am looking forward to helping our organisation define our strategy for a more sustainable future."

Pictured below: Andrew Stephens, senior vice president international operations with Thea Corwin, head of environment