USA-based ALL Family of Companies will take delivery of a Liebherr LTM 1650-8.1 mobile crane, which boasts a lifting capacity of 770 tons (699 tonnes), next spring.

The new unit will supplement ALL’s existing fleet of five LTM 1500s.

“The 1650 will be able to go where a crane of this capacity could never go before,” said Hutton Strader, business development specialist for ALL. “In tight spaces, even with its back literally against a wall, it will still handle significant picks. It gives plant managers a new way of thinking about how they maintain equipment and where they can install bigger pieces. It opens up spaces never before possible, something lift engineers in all industries can be excited about.”

The LTM 1650 has two telescopic boom lengths – 177 ft (53.9 m) or 263 ft (80.2 m) – with an easy change system. “Having the two boom lengths adds great flexibility for our customers,” said Strader. “We can use the long boom system when we need it, and use the short one when we do not, which will reduce transport costs and set-up time. The short boom configuration is also ideal for long-reach, up-and-over applications, providing additional luffing jib strength.”

To further minimise set-up time, rear outriggers are installed in one lift and use quick-release couplings. No assist crane is required.

In addition to maintenance and installation work for mills and refineries, the LTM 1650 is also expected to be deployed in the wind power industry.