A1A Software will launch a virtual-reality simulator for lift planning at the ConExpo-Con/Agg construction trade show that takes place in Las Vegas on March 10-14.

3D Lift Vision enables users to execute a 3D lift plan using a virtual-reality headset and controls. An entire crane and rigging crew can participate at the same time.

Tawnia Weiss, A1A Software president, said: “Each simulation is as unique as the lift plan that it is based on. There is no better way to visualise the outcome of a lift than to allow the crane operator and other team members to simulate it in a virtual environment.”

Weiss added that the software extends the function of A1A’s exiting 3D Lift Plan program. Crane rental sales teams can use it to demonstrate their capabilities and proposed lift plans to customers, while practising lifts in virtual reality helps mitigate risk during actual operations.

3D Lift Vision also improves communication between stakeholders – and it can be used as a training tool.