Euroamérica in Campana, Argentina, took delivery of an LHM 420 mobile harbour crane (MHC) during May – the first of its type in the country and the first MHC to be fully assembled with the aid of Liebherr’s remote service tool.

The 124-tonne lifting capacity crane was due for handover in June and an engineer from Liebherr’s head office in Rostock, Germany, was scheduled to travel to Argentina to assist with the assembly of the unit. As a result of Covid-19, the engineer was unable to attend in person and a virtual solution was required.

Cameras were installed onsite and daily meetings were held to discuss the pending tasks. The remote service tool, which was launched earlier this year, facilitated audio and video calls, screen sharing, as well as image and document exchange.

The application’s functions, according to Liebherr, enabled real-time, fast and effective support and made the handover of the LHM 420 possible. HLPFI reported on the launch of Liebherr’s remote services tool during June, which can be seen here.