December 08 - Young engineers are set to benefit from a series of Heavylift mini-seminars delivered by industry veteran Richard Krabbendam.

The one-day courses cover the industry's basic dos and don'ts, including details on how to avoid accidents when moving large and heavy loads for the Petrochemical and other industries.

"I see it as my mission to transfer my 35 years of experience, as much as possible, in a one day Mini-Seminar to younger and less experienced engineers, and motivated people in our business, who are eager to learn," said Mr Krabbendam.

Launched in May, the seminars have been held in-house in companies across Europe and in the USA, with more planned for Asia. Public seminars open to any interested students have been held in the Netherlands.

The training package includes a hand-out of more then 200 reference slides, as well as a double DVD with 3 hours of video footage.

The next public Mini-Seminars are scheduled for the 10th and the 14th of March 2009 in the Netherlands.

For more details, or to book an in-house seminar, contact Mr Krabbendam via his website