November 4 - Mammoet claims that it has successfully completed the heaviest machinery lift ever undertaken in Malaysia - a 1,210 tonne absorber used in the development of a petrochemical plant in Sarawak.

The company adds that it was contracted by Nippon Express to execute the giant lift because of its engineering expertise and experience with similar components.
The DEEP AGR absorber will be used at Petronas' petrochemical plant to purify gas. The lift was a 'top and tail' operation. The top section of the 55 m long absorber was lifted using a specialised gantry system, while the other end of the absorber was driven into position with an auxiliary crane. It took roughly 5 hours to complete the lift.

Petronas/JCG intends to complete the construction of the petrochemical plant in a record-setting 33 months. With several modules being constructed simultaneously at its facilities, there was little space to erect the gantry system. To save time and make the best use of limited space, the gantry system was assembled in modules at different parts of the yard. In spite of challenging weather and space constraints, the system was assembled in only 24 days, a week sooner than planned.

Mammoet's scope of the project was scheduled to take three months to execute.?Through careful planning and execution, the project was finished safely two weeks ahead of schedule.