Maxim Crane Works has committed to its expansion strategy having purchased 51 Grove mobile cranes, a mix of high-capacity rough-terrain cranes along with five and six-axle all-terrain cranes.

“We evaluated each category of our current rental fleet and analysed research data and conversations with our customers to determine what cranes they would need to meet their lifting needs for the next five years. Based on the data, we felt that the combination of large rough-terrain cranes and all-terrain cranes from Grove would enable us to maximise our uptime, increase our ‘rental readiness’ and provide the equipment that would be most versatile throughout the entire Maxim footprint,” said Bryan Carlisle, ceo of Maxim.

The 51-crane purchase includes three GMK5250XL-1 ATs, which feature the longest boom of any five-axle crane in the industry, the company added.

Frank Bardonaro, chief operating officer of Maxim, added: “Bryan and our team evaluated each product available and determined that the combination of GRT8100, GRT8120, GRT9165, GMK5150L, GMK5250XL-1, and GMK6300L models would be a perfect addition to our fleet.”

Maxim is set to receive the cranes over the next 12-24 months. In a separate purchase in March, Maxim also ordered two Manitowoc MLC650 crawler cranes which will be delivered in 2021.