July 3 - MeteoGroup has introduced a new product, LightningTracker, which provides accurate, real-time lightning detection data for diverse weather-critical businesses ranging from construction and power companies to rail operators, broadcasters, insurers

Lightning poses an immediate risk to personnel and assets, and can have a knock on effect to the public. By monitoring the movement of lightning and delivering alerts, MeteoGroup says that this new online service can help organisations assess the potential danger and make the appropriate operational decisions.

For example, notes MeteoGroup, the product's alerts can prompt businesses to suspend high level crane operations; comply with health and safety obligations; and reduce any impact by postponing or shutting down certain operations.

Designed to operate as a standalone servie or as an integrated add on to other MeteoGroup products, LightningTracker is available in a wide choice of languages and more can be added to meet demand. Locations, alert setting and recipient parameters can all be customised to individual specifications.