February 27 - Northwest Crane Service's new 750-tonne telescopic Liebherr LTM 1750-9.1 crane completed its first project when it replaced the gearbox of an 80 m high 1.5 MW wind turbine.

The crane arrived at the jobsite accompanied by eight ancillary trucks for boom system extension components, counterweight sections and rigging gear.

Since Northwest Crane invested in the LTM 1750-9.1 at the end of December 2013, the machine has been involved in several wind turbine maintenance projects.

The Liebherr model, which has a main boom of 52 m and maximum lifting height of 154 m, is mounted on a nine-axle carrier, powered by an eight-cylinder diesel engine and able to travel at speeds of up to 50 mph.

"This crane has the ability to complete projects that previously would have required a crawler crane," explained owner of Northwest Crane, Andy Hodges. "It enables us to mobilise more quickly and carry out lifting projects more efficiently than before. For short-term, in-and-out, heavy lifting projects, this is a great solution," he added.