UK project logistics specialist Osprey Group has added two crawler cranes to its fleet – a 400-tonne capacity CC2400-1 and a 650-tonne capacity CC3800-1.


Image source: Osprey Group

The 400-tonne machine will be dispatched to its first project within the next few weeks, while the 650-tonne CC3800-1 will arrive early in February 2023. After commissioning, this will be ready for new projects at the beginning of March.

Simon Massey, managing director at Osprey Heavy Lift, said: “As a logistics provider with its own inventory, we try to pre-empt our clients’ needs for the long term. Alongside its 400-tonne counterpart, the 650-tonne CC3800-1 will join a very small handful of UK-based heavy lift cranes that are fully compliant with the NRMM emission controls for major projects within London and the HS2 [high-speed rail] project. We believe those criteria may develop into a minimum standard, as the transition to net zero brings the emphasis further into the logistics supply chain.”

The 650-tonne crane will be equipped with luffing jib, superlift, and wind farm kit. The wind farm kit will enable it to achieve main boom lengths up to 159 m with a wind farm fly jib fitted. Massey continued: “We see these new assets as a major part of our business plan going forward. It’s vital, from our perspective, to hold the right inventory so that we can provide confidence for project managers thinking long term. We are a major supplier to both the low-carbon and renewable energy sectors already. This will strengthen our proposition for other sectors too, such as core infrastructure, and we are planning more additions to the fleet over the next 12 months as part of our ongoing expansion.”