Straightpoint has introduced its Bluelink load cell – a 6.5-tonne capacity mechanical force measurement cell that incorporates Bluetooth technology.

Straightpoint already offers wireless load links, load shackles, and compression load cells that are Bluetooth 4.2 enabled. The Bluelink range is designed for customers that prefer to use mechanical force measurement products, but want the option of reading data at a distance of up to 100 m on an iOS or Android smartphone.

David Ayling, global business development director for load monitoring solutions at Straightpoint, said: The [Bluelink] launch does not place a yardstick by which to measure the ongoing technological progression of our range, but more reflects our ability to continue to provide tools for the many different types of user looking to understand the forces being applied. This is not an alternative to our state-of-the-art systems, but a step towards the latest wireless technology, perhaps for professionals only just beginning their migration from traditional solutions.”

Rigged using industry standard shackles, Bluelink measures 156 mm from eye to eye. Its compact, lightweight design does not sacrifice on strength with a safety factor of over 500 percent, said Straightpoint.

HLPFI reported in January that Crosby Group acquired Straightpoint. Crosby Group is a leading manufacturer of accessories used in lifting and rigging. Straightpoint confirmed that it would maintain its commitment to non-rigging markets, such as the weighing sector.