January 29 - PowerLift Events is holding a workshop - the BIMCO Heavy Lift Contracts Workshop - in Bangkok on March 19, 2014 to help project forwarders understand the legal aspects of project cargo handling.

According to a provocative statement from Felix Schrick, general manager of PowerLift Events, being a project forwarder is not what it used to be, and its image is slipping.

"Training is the way to build project cargo professionalism in an industry that is heading through a no-man¹s land at the moment. We have targeted our efforts at making sure that project forwarders understand the legal aspects of handling project cargo; and that they know when to stop and rethink," he added.

The workshop will provide practical guidance on heavy lift and project contracts, of which a substantial part will be dedicated to managing risk and avoiding costly mistakes.

During the workshop the three main BIMCO Heavy Lift contracts will be covered: HEAVYCON and the knock-for-knock liability regime; PROJECTCON - Special Projects Charter Party and HEAVYLIFTVOY.