Germany-based crane and transport provider Wille and Dulies has received two Liebherr five-axle mobile cranes.


From left to right: Maik Dulies, Mailin Dulies, Fynn Heldt, Stefan Heldt (all from Wille & Dulies Krane).

The delivery includes a 150-tonne lifting capacity LTM 1150-5.3, and a 180-tonne lifting capacity LTM 1160-5.2, and will replace two of the company’s 130-tonne units.

Wille and Dulies will use the cranes for the assembly of precast concrete parts, the erection of mobile phone antennas, and the construction of overhead lines and transformer stations, said Liebherr.

“In addition, there are jobs in the wind power sector, on which the new five-axle cranes will assist the big ones,” said Wille and Dulies’ managing partner, Stefan Heldt.