Abnormal Load Services (ALS) has started work on its fourth Scandinavian wind farm project of 2020.

ALS vessel_renewable_energy_shipment copy

From August through to October, ALS project managers will be on the ground in Sweden overseeing the daily operations relating to vessel discharge, transfer to storage, management of components in storage, re-load from storage and transfer to the wind farm site. 

ALS will handle 275 components – comprising nacelles, gears, hubs, blades and towers – with a total weight of over 14,300 tonnes. The largest component measures 15.78 m x 5.8 m x 5.52 m and tips the scales at 78 tonnes.

The company has been involved in several renewable energy projects in Scandinavia over the last 18 months, including the project management of 74,053 tonnes of wind farm equipment from port to site over a period of nine months. For this project, 1,515 components were discharged from vessels, stored and then reloaded to transport; in total 149 complete turbines were delivered to five different wind farms.  

“Coordination and detailed planning were key to this overall project with six transport companies working together to achieve 1,500 deliveries to the sites,” said ALS.

Earlier this year, ALS boosted its renewable energy portfolio with the establishment of a joint venture with NorSea  – Elevon. The companies will combine their strengths in large and complex project logistics and offshore supply logistics.