Antonov Airlines in cooperation with Bolloré Logistics has transported a telecommunication satellite onboard one of its AN-124-100-150 aircraft from Toulouse, France, to the NASA Shuttle Landing Facility in Titusville, USA.


The satellite will be launched by US aerospace company SpaceX and was transported in a bespoke container designed by Airbus Defence and Space. The cargo, including the container, weighed 50 tonnes and measured 14.69 m x 5.45 m x 4.22 m.

“The expertise of the Antonov Airlines technical crew and engineers guarantees the smooth and efficient transport of this delicate and unique cargo,” said Sergii Bilozerov, commercial executive at Antonov Airlines.

He added: “An external crane in conjunction with the onboard crane and winch of the AN-124-100-150 was used to load and unload the container CTH04, as well as special loading equipment designed and manufactured by Antonov’s in-house engineers.”