Barrus Projects, together with its partner COSCO Shipping Project Logistics, has delivered components for the Amur gas processing plant in Svobodniy, Russia.

The shipment included a 243-tonne depropaniser column, measuring 54.5 m x 6.5 m x 7.02 m; a 135-tonne debutaniser column, measuring 47.7 m х 5.05 m х 5.57 m; flare knockout drums, weighing 73 tonnes; and feed gas drying absorbers, which measured 16.6 m x 6.15 m x 6.23 m and weighed 223 tonnes.

The cargo was transported from the ports of Zhangjiagang and Tianjin in China to the Amur plant’s pier in Svobodniy on behalf of China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corporation (CPECC).

One of the most critical parts of the project, according to Barrus Projects, was the offloading of the oversized cargo at the port of De Kastri. The equipment was transhipped from the multipurpose ship BBC Kibo onto three barges owned by Amur Shipping Company.

Barrus Projects coordinated the transhipment and was also responsible for the Customs clearance.