Trinidad and Tobago-based freight forwarder Cargo Consolidators Agency has coordinated the transport of five tubular heat exchangers, plus accessories, from Porto Marghera in Italy to Point Lisas.

Cargo Consolidators - April 2024

After a year of negotiations and tendering, Cargo Consolidators was awarded the move in September 2023. 

The cargoes included four units ranging in weight from 10 tonnes to 39 tonnes, which were transported from the supplier to Marghera by truck. The largest unit tipped the scales at 145.8 tonnes and due to its size had to be transported to the port by barge.


 In late January, the shipment departed Porto Marghera onboard the multipurpose vessel Rosaire Desgagnes, arriving in Point Lisas on March 8.

The ship’s cranes were then used for the unloading operation, after which Cargo Consolidators was responsible for the onward delivery from the port to the supplier’s compound. The company deployed a gantry crane and three-axle drop-deck trailers for the moves.