deugro has coordinated the transport of eight diverter dampers from Vietnam to Bolivia for two thermoelectric plants. 

A total of eight diverter dampers measuring 495 x 470 x 465 cm were transported from Chile to Bolivia_rgb

Image source: deugro

Each 15-tonne unit measured 4.95 m long, 4.7 m wide and 4.65 m high. 

The dampers began their journey from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, and were then shipped to the port of Arica in Chile. From there, the cargoes were transported through the Chilean desert and mountains, the Bolivian plateau and jungle, and finally to the town of Warnes and the city of Yacuiba in Bolivia. 

deugro said that the team endured extreme geographical challenges such as high altitude, snow, rain and severe temperature fluctuations. 

The transport route involved extreme geographical challenges such as high altitude and extreme temperatures_rgb

Image source: deugro

Nicolas Reveco, project coordinator, deugro Chile, said: “After the trailers arrived from Arica, Chile, they needed to wait for seven days at the Bolivian/Chilean border due to the immense Covid-19 restrictions. The border between Chile and Bolivia was closed, and special permits needed to be requested from the Bolivian/Chilean health authorities. 

“Once we entered Bolivia, we lifted the dampers onto special lowbed equipment before crossing the city of Cochabamba, to avoid civil works. After crossing Cochabamba, the cargo was transferred back to the original equipment.” 

dteq Transport Engineering Solutions supported the project execution by reviewing the subcontractors’ input and approving the lifting plan from dock to vessel at the origin and the destination, the transport drawings, the lashing plan as well as the lifting plan.