On behalf of XD‐EGEMAC, Egyptian Global Logistics (EGL) transported three 135-tonne transformers for the El-Eqtsadia substation.

EGL coordinates delivery for the El-Eqtsadia Substation

Source: EGL

In addition to the transformers, EGL handled 1,750 cu m of accessories.

Before the moves took place, EGL conducted route and site surveys in preparation of receiving the transformers from the vessel. After offloading and re-loading the transformers using hydraulic jacks, beams and supports, the company handled the inland transportations to the job site.

At the site, EGL performed a jacking and skidding operation to move the transformers to foundations.

EGL said that it had to overcome tight execution schedules, a narrow entrance to the site as well as the long skidding distance of almost 18 m to get to the centre positions.