Globalink Logistics has supported the construction of the Nurek hydro project in Tajikistan.


Image source: Globalink

The Nurek hydro project, according to Globalink, is a vital initiative to revolutionise Tajikistan’s energy sector. It required the transportation of more than 50,000 tonnes of cargo over the last few years, including heavy machinery and transformers weighing in excess of 220 tonnes.

As a landlocked nation, this project presented unique logistical challenges, Globalink added. The company coordinated a multimodal transport strategy that combined, sea, river and land transport.

The cargoes, originating from various continents, were shipped to a port on the Black Sea and then transported via inland waterways to the Caspian Sea ports of Bautino and Aktau. From there, the equipment was transported inland through Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan’s rugged terrain before arriving at the remote project site in Tajikistan.

That final leg of the journey presented the most significant challenges, said Globalink. The team of engineers and logistics specialists utilised heavy-duty trailers and hydraulic axle lines to manoeuvre the transformers and other heavy equipment along the route.