Türkiye-headquartered Hareket has transported three ship-to-shore (STS) cranes, each weighing 2,150 tonnes, along the Bosphorus Strait from Haydarpaşa port to Mardaş port.  

Hareket handling ship to shore crane in Turkiye

The crane components arrived at Haydarpaşa port from Ireland and were unloaded according to a layout plan created by Hareket. They were then assembled with the help of two crawler cranes, with the heaviest units tipping the scales at 250 tonnes.  

Measuring 90 m tall, Hareket then had to determine a solution to relocate the port cranes. “Due to the large weight and width of the STS cranes, its high length, the narrowness of the unloading port, and the different dock heights of the two ports, our engineering team planned and carried out every stage of the project and operation,” the company explained. 

It was determined that it would be safer to execute the load out and load in operations by landing and disembarking a barge from the side.   

During the sea transportation, the strait crossings were closed to traffic for five hours for each STS crane transport with the support of the Port Authority and Coastal Safety.