Kamor Logistics has delivered transformers and accessories from Israel to Turkey.

Kamor 4

The shipment included two 108-tonne units that were sent for refurbishment in Turkey by the Israeli Electricity Company.

The transformers were accompanied by auxiliary items, as well as 12 heavy units comprising a geothermal power plant that were manufactured by Israeli manufacturer Ormat – two 90-tonne vaporisers, six 58-tonne preheaters, two 34-tonne recuperators and two 13-tonne preheaters.

The cargoes were moved from Ashdod port to Izmir. They were loaded on the general cargo vessel Victoria using a 750-tonne capacity hydraulic crane, hired by Kamor Logistics

Kamor 1

The vessel then sailed to the Alsancak port in Izmir, where the items were discharged by a pair of hydraulic cranes and moved to their final destinations.

Kamor Logistics planned the loading and stowage planning, and supervises and managed the whole operation.

Kamor Logistics is a member of the XLProjects (XLP).