Mammoet has transported and lifted two 270-ton (244.9-tonne) bridge spans in Pennsylvania, USA on behalf of Swank Construction Company. 

As part of a project to upgrade and rebuild the Shaler Street bridge in Pittsburgh, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) decided to assemble the bridge spans in a parking lot next to the highway in order to minimise traffic disruptions. 

The fully assembled spans were then moved to the installation site in one piece – a first in the state’s history, said Mammoet, which added that this approach required only a few working days instead of six to eight months.

Measuring 70 ft (21.3 m) long, the spans were transported using 24 axle lines of SPMTs. For the installation, Mammoet fitted steel beams on top of the SPMTs so that the spans could reach the required height. Climbing jacks were then used to lower the loads onto its bearings.