Australia-based Marr Contracting has partnered with Mirvac to dismantle the TCN-9 TX transmission tower in Sydney, Australia.

The international team tasked with dismantling the 233 m-high tower also includes engineering consultant Robert Bird Group and infrastructure specialist Kordia Solutions. Preparatory works begun this month, with completion of the operation expected early 2022.

Mirvac, in partnership with Marr Contracting, will design and build a specialised crane structure almost 200 m to execute the works; assembly is expected to start in June and will take roughly two months to complete.

Once the crane is erected, Kordia will remove the tower. The top half will be removed in sections over a period of two months, then a second crane with increased lifting capacity will remove the lower half of the tower.

Simon Marr, Marr Contracting’s managing director, said: “Over 12 months working with multiple stakeholders, we designed an approach involving some of our unique equipment and the introduction of guy wires to laterally support the tower crane and allow it to climb to the required height (247 m) to dismantle the tower.”