Malaysia-headquartered Megalift has handled the export of equipment to Egypt for the Assiut Hydrocracking Complex (AHC) project.

Megalift pic 1 Purge Gas Drum

Image source: XLProjects (XLP) network

A total of 50 packages were fabricated by two of Megalift’s clients and were scheduled to be shipped onboard the same vessel from Port Klang to Egypt. Cargoes included a 66-tonne purge gas drum that measured 34.1 m x 4.61 m x 4.93 m; pressure vessels that weighed 42 tonnes; as well as platforms and tanks of various sizes.

The majority of the cargoes were transported to the port by road. However, the largest unit – the purge gas drum – had to be barged to the port.

This posed several challenges, said Megalift, as the rainy season in Malaysia meant the team had difficulty positioning the barge against the jetty of the fabrication yard. Due to strong currents, the company engaged two tugboats to assist in the loading operations.

Through close coordination with the shipping agent and barging team, Megalift ensured that there were no delays to the loading of the vessel destined for Egypt.

Megalift pic 4

Image source: XLProjects (XLP) network

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