Omega Morgan, in partnership with Texas-based Lone Star Trucking, has transported components for 38 Vestas wind turbines in Washington, USA.

A total of 380 components needed to be moved from the port of Longview to Vail, Washington.

To keep the project on schedule, one turbine would need to be transported to the site per night for 38 nights. This required Omega Morgan’s specialised transportation crew to manage the haul of ten loads of components per night between the hours of 23:00 and 05:00, in partnership with the crew from Lone Star Trucking. Omega Morgan’s main task was the transportation of the four tower sections for each turbine.

The Washington Department of Transportation’s (DoT) rules restricting convoys necessitated an agreement between the parties. By working with the DoT, the 30-minute separation time between vehicles was decreased to 15 minutes. This allowed the project to be completed on schedule.

A separate loading and driving crew were provided to ensure the safety and wellbeing of crew, whilst utilising the transport window to complete the move.