UK-headquartered Osprey Group has delivered ultimate diesel generators (UDGs) from the Czech Republic for EDF Energy’s Hinkley Point C nuclear power station in Somerset.

Collaborating with local onsite teams, Osprey loaded the UDG tanks onto trailers in Kramolin, the Czech Republic. The tanks were then transported by road to an inland river location at the port of Bratislavia, Slovakia, where they were lifted onto barges and shipped to Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

In Rotterdam, the equipment was lifted back on to road trailers and loaded onto a ferry for onward delivery to the UK. Osprey enlisted the help of its long-term partner Allelys Heavy Haulage for the road delivery to the project site.

Jan Coetsee, project manager at Osprey, said: “En route, there were many challenges to overcome – the least of which was scheduling around low water levels due to one of the driest winters in Europe, different transhipment points along the journey, and the impact of working through a pandemic.”

A second set of UDG tanks is scheduled to depart the factory in the Czech Republic later this year.