Samuel Amsler deployed a Faymonville MegaMAX lowbed semi-trailer to transport a 24-tonne steel container from Muttenz in Switzerland to Emmen, the Netherlands.

The semi-circular 21 m-long container was loaded from an inland vessel onto the drop deck of the two-axle trailer in Muttenz, before being transported 100 km to Emmen.

“The overall combination length of 32 m was quite tricky to get around highway entries and exits,” said Amsler’s Jeannette Schmidmeister. Other challenges along the route included crash barriers that measured up to 1.3 m and roundabouts.

However, the lifting and lowering of the hydraulic suspension by 0.6 m enabled the load, which protruded by 1.86 m at the sides, to avoid the crash barriers and road signs. The 60-degree steering angle of the pendle axle bogie also aided the turning manoeuvres, Schmidmeister said.

The Faymonville MegaMAX is also equipped with a power steering system. Schmidmeister explained how this helped the transport operation: “The radio remote control for the bogie steering is ideal…the assistant at the transport end manoeuvred the bogie with centimetre precision through the bottlenecks – and that took a big load off the driver.”

After an overnight journey, the steel container was unloaded from the MegaMAX trailer.