A Tadano ATF 130G-5 all-terrain crane has lifted a 9-tonne catamaran out of the harbour on lake Ijsselmeer in the Netherlands.

Mick Kraanverhuur Volendam (2)

Crane rental company Mick Volendam Group deployed the 130-ton (117.9-tonne) capacity crane to lift the 13.5 m x 7.5 m catamaran.

Belonging to the non-profit organisation Ocean Youth Sailing, Tadano said the boat had to be lifted with extreme care.

Tadano added that the lift adjuster function enabled the load to be picked up quickly, supressing swinging or load movements, so that the operators could focus on the load instead of the radius display. This meant the Arrow 1360 catamaran could be lifted smoothly out of the water.