June 13 - Denmark headquartered offshore installation specialist A2SEA has installed its 1,000 wind turbine since its formation almost 12 years ago.

Turbine 1,000 was installed by vessel Sea Jack at the Gwynt y Môr offshore wind farm in the Irish Sea.
"It is a huge achievement for our company and we are very proud of having been able to effect the industry," said Jens Frederik Hansen, ceo A2SEA.

"From the very first turbine with Sea Energy in June 2002 on Horns Rev I many things have happened in the industry. With purpose built vessels and challenges with deeper waters and bigger components, the industry has surely grown and are facing different challenges also in relation to reduction of the cost of energy," he added.

A2SEA is currently installing foundations and turbines at the West of Duddon Sands, and turbines at Gwynt y Môr. At the start of 2014, heavy installation vessel Sea Challenger will join the A2SEA fleet. Built by China's COSCO the new vessel will be enter service at Westermost Rough during summer 2014.