December 27 - Air Charter Service (ACS) has revealed that its staff have raised over GBP30,000 (USD48,483) for charitable causes in 2012.

Throughout the year, the air charter broker's Charity Committee has arranged activities including quiz nights, parties and entry into The Great River Race to generate funds for causes selected by ACS employees.

This year, the three charities selected were the London Air Ambulance, Cancer Research UK and HEAL.

Over the last two years, donations raised by ACS have paid for a new IT classroom and library at the HEAL orphanage and school in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Company secretary, treasurer and head of the Charity Committee, Tina Leach (pictured below) said: "I was fortunate enough to visit the village of Andhra Pradesh last year to witness first hand what our fund raising was helping to build. I was so touched to see what a difference we could make."