September 2 - ALE has skidded the 1,500-tonne roof of the eight-storey Centro Cultural Bicentenario in Buenos Aires into place.

The skidding took place in tandem with the manufacturing of the roof, ensuring the efficiency of the operation.

Each section of the roof, which had the total dimensions 52 m x 50 m x 5 m, was assembled on site and then skidded into position, while the next section was assembled. In total, twelve skidding operations were performed.

The equipment used included ten push-pull jacks with a 16-tonne and 25-tonne capacity, as well as 24 skidding flat systems providing 150-tonne capacity in two skidding tracks.

Once the skidding stage was completed, ALE withdrew the skids with partial jackings using twelve hydraulic cylinders with 50-tonne capacities.