August 8 - BBC Chartering's vessel BBC Florida has assisted a rescue operation that helped save the lives of 90 refugees found drifting in a rubber boat on the Mediterranean Sea.

Whilst on its way from Tripoli, Libya to Rijeka in Croatia, the vessel received order from the Italian Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre to assist a boat in distress, diverting to a position just 100 km north of the Libyan coast.

At the scene BBC Florida found a rubber boat and rescued 90 people, including three children. The vessel then resumed its northbound course and awaited further orders from the Italian authorities.

On instruction of the Italian coastguard, the vessel proceeded to a dropping point offshore Crotone in Italy, where the tug boat Allesandro Secundo took all of the refugees on board. After completion of the operation, the BBC Florida resumed its voyage to Rijeka.