December 3 - Chinese shipbuilder Nantong COSCO KHI Ship Engineering (NACKS) and Lloyd's Register China have agreed to develop a LNG-powered 28,000 dwt general cargo ship, which will meet future environmental and emissions targets.

This design will be an evolution of NACKS most current 28,000 dwt multipurpose vessel design, will incorporate new propulsion systems (duel/triple fuelled), and will be built to Lloyd's Register's technical requirements.

The goal is for Lloyd's Register (LR) to issue an approval in principle for the new design including approval of LNG fuel systems.

The joint industry project (JIP) agreement was signed between NACKS and Nikolas Skaribas, Lloyd's Register's Greater China marine operations manager, and NACKS president, Han Chengmin.

"We are focused on the development of green ship technologies, especially using LNG as fuel for merchant vessels," said Chengmin.

"Co-operation with classification pioneers, LR, and sub-vendors, knowledge, experience and research resource can be definitely shared in order to keep pace with leading expertise in this segment, and this will be beneficial for both parties involved to find practical, feasible technology solutions fit for customers expectations in the future," he added.