April 27 - At the BAUMA 2010 fair in Munich, Nooteboom introduced a new semi low-loader model - the Nooteboom Multitrailer MCO-PX, based on the successful high payload Nooteboom PX low-loader.

The model was developed after discussions with various European customers. Pre-launch sales have been steady, says the company.

The MCO-PX is available with three to eight axle lines and in vehicle widths of 2.52 m, 2.74 m and 2.99 m. There is a choice of fixed or single, double or triple extendible load floors. It also available with an axle base of 1.36 m or 1.51 m and tyres in size 245 or 285.

The MCO-PX offers a high payload: a 6-axle MCO-PX Multitrailer can take virtually the same payload as an 8-axle normally steered semi low-loader. The payload depends on the tyres that are used - varying from 12 tonnes per axle line on 245/70R17.5 tyres to 14 tonnes per axle line with 285/70R19.5 tyres at 80 km/hour. At lower speeds this can move up to around 17 tonnes per axle line.