April 12 - Air Charter Service has started to arrange humanitarian charters to the troubled Ivory Coast [C

Following the political violence and civil unrest in the West African country, clean water, food and shelter are desperately needed for the estimated one million people forced to flee their homes.

The company, with a long history in relief operations, has flown two Antonov 12 aircraft into Man, a town where more than 100,000 people have sought shelter so far.

Ben Dinsdale, assistant director of ACS Cargo, said: "They are in desperate need of shelter and aid whilst this political unrest continues, and these charters are just the first couple that we have arranged - I'm sure there will be more. Our passenger department has also been involved in arranging the first evacuation flights out of the troubled country.

"Following the similar recent situations in Egypt and Libya, added to the earthquake, Tsunami and nuclear worries in Japan, this has been a non-stop humanitarian effort so far in 2011. Our global offices have flown hundreds of tons of relief cargo and our passenger divisions helped evacuate more than 10,000 people out of Egypt, Libya and Tunisia in February alone."