RTL has been providing logistics services since 2006 and has eight offices in Russia and the CIS, its own stevedoring company and a fleet of trucks for the transportation of heavy lift cargoes.

Mikhail Reshetkov, owner of RTL, said: “The announcement of the Heavy Lift Awards inspired us and we are pleased to become the official sponsor of the Training Award.

"We are deeply convinced that the success of any company is directly related to innovation and is built on a professional workforce. However, this professionalism requires constant support and is impossible without regular training, using new approaches and methods.

"At RTL, we nurture students so they can gain experience in the theoretical and practical elements of the industry, with the hope that they could eventually become the core of the company.

"The oversize logistics industry is very specialised and many companies have faced a shortage of skilled professionals. Through sponsoring this award, we hope to share our experience and support colleagues in other companies to tackle this matter."

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