Sarens’ CC2600H and CC600 successfully install 70-tonne columns at Remaya metro station.

sarens spon con egypt

Since May this year, Sarens has been on site at the Remaya metro station in Giza, Egypt, where the CC2600H and CC600 have been lifting and installing 70-tonne steel columns for the station.

With work now almost complete, Sarens is proud to have been a part of this project, which was conducted on behalf of customer Hassan Allam

To prepare for the lifting and installation work, Sarens considered the number of steel columns and their locations within a relatively tight worksite. Exact planning was paramount to safely assembling the equipment as well as for tilting, crawling, and slewing operations during execution. 

To lift the columns, Sarens used the CC2600H crawler crane with 54 m main boom, as well as the CC600 crawler crane with 36 m main boom. The CC2600 was brought in from another completed project, while the CC600 arrived directly from the Sarens yard. It then took two days to set up the equipment.

The two cranes have been working to lift several steel columns for the metro station, performing 14 picks in three months at a height of 2 m. The six-member crew has been performing the project work steadily and with no interruptions or breakdowns, pausing only for regular maintenance work on the cranes. 

Sarens would like to commend everyone on this project for their excellent work, and wishes our client the successful completion of this important initiative!