June 17 - A biomass boiler destined for green power generation in Italy presented Tuscor Lloyds with problems large in size as the company undertook an extremely difficult and complex multimodal shipment from Hunan province deep inside China through to Tr

The single piece measured 14 m in length by 4.5 m wide by 5 m high, and weighed 115 tonnes (seen below).

A specialised low load trailer was accompanied by a specialist team of surveyors and hydraulics operators over its 1,242 km route to Shanghai.

The boiler arrived safely in Shanghai and was made ready to be loaded onto the contracted vessel. At the last minute, the shipping line decided it would only receive the boiler by feeder instead of by road. Two days were spent organising transloading only for the sailing to Italy to be cancelled because of the weather.

After a two week delay, space was found on an alternative vessel, only for that loading to be threatened again by more bad weather. Ultimately, the load was secured successfully using a floating crane on rough waters before sailing to Italy, where it is now being forwarded to its final jobsite.

International freight forwarder and shipping agent, Tuscor Lloyds, has diversified business in two key trade areas, general cargo project work and liner work comprising full and part load containers.