September 4 - Belgium based heavy haulage company ADM Team Heavy Weight has added a three-axle MegaMAX low bed semi-trailer from Faymonville to its fleet.

ADM's technical requirement was to integrate a variable excavator bed into a weight-optimised semi-trailer.

Jef Hufkens, head of administration and planning, commented on the new trailer: "The bed is easy to install, can be extended to a length of 21.5 m and also has an extremely low height of 300 mm. Not only that, it can also be used both as a normal lowbed and as a narrow bed with a width of just 1250 mm."

Faymonville completed the planning and manufacturing process in a very short period, which ADM said enabled it to get the vehicle on the road quickly for use in its various contracts.

ADM has an operational area that stretches across both Belgium and France as well as Germany and many other countries in the whole Europe, where various payloads and fifth wheel loads apply.

In Belgium and France the payload of this specific vehicle combination is 57 tonnes with a 10x4 truck, while in Germany it is only 45 tonnes.

The different regulations presented a challenge to Faymonville with regards to cross-border transportation, but with its CoC certificate, indicating that the vehicle complies with international standards, the problem was overcome.

A second MegaMAX from the same type has already been ordered by ADM.