AIN Group, whose logistics networks include AerOceaNetwork (AON), All-in-One Logistics Network (AiO) and XLProjects (XLP), is partnering with BravoTran.

BravoTran has developed software for the logistics industry that focuses on making life easier for the independent international freight forwarder. Its technology encompasses document routing and logistics payables.

On the document routing side of business, BravoTran uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology and machine learning to capture information from standard logistics documentation. which limits document handling and cuts down on time spent per job.

Also using OCR technology and machine learning, BravoTran Payables speeds up logistics workflows by importing invoices from emails, collecting all of the important information needed by the forwarding company’s payables team. Invoices will be assigned to the correct jobs, discrepancies are flagged and the workflow is greatly streamlined, said the developer.

As a result of the partnership, member of the AON, AiO and XLP networks will have access to the services.