November 26 - Air Charter Service's offices worldwide have flown a number of charters to Haiti following the recent outbreak of cholera.

Richard Thompson, senior account manager at ACS London, said: "We received the first call on a Sunday afternoon after the news broke, and had the aircraft - an Antonov 12 - positioned into Madrid's Torrejon air base on the Monday ready to depart. By late Tuesday the aircraft had landed in Haiti's capital, Port au Prince."

This was the first of many flights from Europe that ACS's London office has arranged since, utillising a wide variety of aircraft, including three Boeing 747s, and an Ilyushin 76 carrying 39 tonnes of medical kits and water purifying units.

Stuart Smith, cargo director of ACS New York, added: "We have operated many flights out of Miami to Haiti on a range of aircraft including Antonov 12s, B767s and MD-11s over the past few weeks."