February 4 - Van der Vlist has transported a 23.1 m long and 3.6 m high Fokker F27 display plane, weighing 10 tonnes, from Hoofdorp to the National Military Museum in Soesterberg.

The plane was transported about 70 km on an 8-axle extendible semi low trailer, and due to its length and width of 8.3 m had to be delivered after the rush hour traffic to avoid damage.

Prior to the journey a route survey was undertaken to ensure that no problems would be encountered en route, before Van der Vlist was able to lift the plane onto the trailer using its four point lifting system and one forklift.

The truck carrying the aircraft, along with one escort vehicle, a vehicle carrying the lifting gear and another truck loaded with parts, made their way to the former airbase, where the plane was unloaded and will now be renovated and repainted to be displayed in the museum.