January 4 - ALE has installed a gas turbine weighing 350 tonnes and a generator weighing 410 tonnes in the Koudiet Ed Draouch Combined Cycle Power Plant (El Tarf Algeria).

During the first phase of the installation, the both items had to be released from their transport platforms using four climbing jacks each of 150 tonnes capacity.

The second phase involved the installation of the ALE SS150 skidding system, to skid the pieces from outside the turbine building to their position alongside their final foundations and under ALE's lifting gantry. The skidding process included two 90 degree turns which saw ALE use two 225 tonne capacity turntables to execute.

The lift of the turbine and generator into their final positions was undertaken using a customised skidding gantry composed of a steel structure and modular beams, incorporating four SLS2000 lifting units.