March 16 - ALE Heavylift has played a strategic role in the safe delivery of a major boiler destined for an important Venezuelan plant.

Starting with the arrival of the heavy lift ship, ALE then worked to unload the 140 tonne, 11m long. 6.5m wide and 8.5m high item of equipment at the PDVSA dry dock. The company then moved the boiler to Fertinitro, inside the Pequiven complex.

ALE Heavylift moved the equipment 5.5 km from the quayside to the Fertinitro plant where a lifting gantry was waiting to lift the boiler over an existing pipe rack.

ALE used 4 x 10 lines of SPMT trailers to transport the boiler from the dock to Fertinitro plant. The gantry provided included a skidding system and four 70-tonne capacity strand lifting units to move the boiler over the pipe rack and lowering onto the transport platforms to be moved up to the installation area.

Once at the installation area, the boiler with the transport beams was lowered on four support points and 90 tonne skidshoes of the skidding system SKS150. After the boiler was removed from the transport platform, it was skidded up to its foundations and then, by means of a jacking system of four climbing jacks (60 and 150 tonne capacity) it was lowered to its final position.