September 19 - ALE says that is now able to increase the scale of its activities in Australia thanks to a new fleet of widening trailers.

The ALE trailers feature Goldhofer's newly developed hydraulic width adjustment system which enables the spread of axle load required to adhere to the different weight and width restrictions for road transport throughout Australia.

ALE has already taken delivery of 40 axle lines fitted with the system, and a range of accessories including goosenecks and ramps.

The specifications of the new modules are a wheelbase of 1,800 mm, with adjustable widths of 3,480 mm, 3,700 mm, 4,000 mm, 4,500 mm and 4,900 mm. As a result, the various vehicle combinations can be used at maximum axle load on the public roads of all six Australian states.

The width is changed using specifically designed hydraulic beams fixed to the middle and to each end of the trailer, without the use of cranes or lifting equipment.