February 21 - Logistics service provider Altius has handled the transportation of 18 large modules from Tarragona, Spain to a jobsite in Le Havre, France.

With a total weight of around 30,000 tonnes, the transportation from the Mediterranean coast of northeast Spain to the Channel port of Le Havre was performed using a Condock Shipping ro-ro vesseland a Combi Lift lo-lo ship.

The engineering department of Altius participated actively in the design of the lifting gear and lashing the load for winter conditions at sea.

For the initial road transport from the construction yard to the vessel and from discharge to the final point of deliveryrequired the use of barges and self-propelled modular transport (SPMT) units,where the work was subcontracted to heavy lift and transportation solutions specialist ALE.

J Enrique Rodriguez, commercial manager at Altius, said it had been a very complicate operation because of the delicate construction of the modules and the whole logistics operationhad not been helped by the worst weather months of the year.