February 18 - TransProject/PPS (Project Professionals Group) is once again to exhibit at the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) exhibition, the largest annual wind conference and exhibition in the world which last year featured over 23,000 attendees

PPG general manager Kevin Stephens said: "Last year we were joined by many members. TransGroup/PPG have booth 10660 with excellent placement on a main aisle surrounded by major manufacturers and facing the front entrance. We are surrounded by the "superpowers" of wind.

"Although we will be in US, the manufacturers and vendors that participate in the AWEA show are typically working on a global basis. We are offering a "one-stop-shop" for transportation, and this is something that not one of our competitors can offer."

The AWEA exhibition comes after a very successful BreakBulk conference and exhibition attendance for PPG in Singapore in January. Around a dozen PPG member companies were present at the two-day event. Immediately following this exhibition, PPG conducted its third two-day project forwarding education course.

All twenty two students received a Certificate of Achievement in Project Cargo Management at the end of the programme.

Stephens said: "The programme was also a huge success. The course contained a wealth of knowledge and information sharing which we are certain will hold all attendees in good stead for the future and assist them in changing their future understanding and approach to project cargo management."

The next course is to be held in Bremen, Germany 28-29 October, 2010 and PPG are now considering its fourth programme for the second quarter 2010.