November 28 - Chapman Freeborn Airchartering and Michel Hurel Transport (MHT) have worked together to deliver over 70 tonnes of outsize oil well equipment.

A tight time frame required the cargo, which had originally been scheduled to travel via ocean freight, to be sent via air charter in order to reach its destination promptly.

On behalf of a large oilfield services company, a Boeing B747 freighter was chartered from ANA Aviation Services to fly the urgent cargo from Singapore to Luanda in Angola.

The out-of-gauge consignment consisted of two 18 m long and two 16 m long offshore baskets, as well as other smaller pieces of oil well equipment. The largest unit weighed 15.5 tonnes, and had the dimensions 18.3 m x 1.2 m x 1.3 m.

Chapman Freeborn's cargo charter teams in the UK and Singapore collaborated closely to manage the tight coordination of airside permits for extra high loaders, cranes and other vehicles.